The Irving Penn exhibition at the Grand Palais

  • It has been 100years since Irving Penn, one of the greatest photographers of the XXth century was born! For this occasion, the Grand Palais will have a retrospective of his work in homage to him.
  • In collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA) of New-York, where he is usually exhibited, this exhibition will be a first in Europe since his death at the age of 92 in October 2009.
  • Originally from New Jersey, Irving Penn has quickly made himself a name in the fashion world with his photographs published in Vogue in the 40s and 50s. He was also the creator of the seies “Les petits métiers” published in the French Vogue in 1951.
  • He became very famous for his portraits of personnalities and creates an intimacy with each of them in their portrait, which has become his signature.
  • Among the portraits, you will encounter: Pablo Picasso, Yves Saint Laurent, Audrey Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock, etc.
  • Practical information:
  • From Septembre 21st 2017 to January 29th 2018
  • Place: Galeries nationales du Grand Palais
  • 3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower
  • 75008 Paris
  • Subway: Franklin-D.-Roosevelt (lines 1, 9), Champs-Elysées-Clemenceau (lines 1, 13)
  • Bus : lines 28, 42, 52, 72, 73, 80, 83, 93
  • RER : Invalides (RER C)
  • Timetable: Everyday from 10am to 8pm
  • – Night time on Wenesdays until 10pm
  • – Closed on Tusedays
  • – Closes at 6pm on Sundays December 24th and 31st
  • – Closed on Monday December 25th
  • Full rate: 13 euros
  • Reduced rate: 9 euros
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Hotel des Champs Elysées - Exterior

The Champs Elysées in 1930

  • Since 1930, the Hotel des Champs Elysées has seen the neighborhood live and transform. The hotel belongs to the same family since this year and if it could talk, it would have a lot of things to tell!
  • The Paris city has known a major change: the change from wood pavement to stone pavement. This change on the Champs Elysées happened relatively late since it was in 1945.
  • Today the Champs Elysées have a well-defined life between the Etoile and the round about but at the time, life was located on the other side, between the round about and the Concorde. In this part, many theaters, circus, cabarets, fairgrounds and restaurants existed and hundreds of chairs were laid around here and there for strollers to observe the unusual life of the Champs Elysées.
  • Around the 1930s, luxury shops made their apparition on the other portion of the avenue and the animation naturally moved. The Champs Elysées became an unmissable of luxury and made part of the « golden triangle ».
  • In the 1970s, luxury brands slowly started to migrate, leaving the space to the restaurants and movie theaters. With 29 cinemas, the Champs Elysées have a high cinematographic power and propose most of their movies in original version. Numerous premieres take place, letting to the Champs Elysées their mundane and chic aspect.
  • Today, more popular brands have settled on the Champs Elysées. They have become a symbol of the city of light and bring always more visitors. It is a mythic place of the city and its history is fascinating.
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